The Ultimate Happy Hour in Phoenix! 

The valley is a perfect place to enjoy happy hour, with the late sunsets, a variety of bars, and unbeatable deals on drinks and food at Spinato's Pizzeria. Whether you're in the mood for craft cocktails, local brews, or tasty appetizers, there's something for everyone.

At Spinato's, you'll discover unique drink specials and delicious dishes at discounted prices during select hours throughout the week (open - 6 pm at most locations). So whether you're meeting up with friends after work or looking for a fun date night spot, check out Happy Hour. Spinato's Pizzeria and Family Kitchen is truly a happy hour paradise for those looking to unwind and indulge without breaking the bank.

They Call It Happy Hour for a Reason

The phrase happy hour started around 1914 when the United States Navy would have a weekly "happy hour" for sailors. These original happy hours weren't about drink deals and half-price apps. They were a way for Navy sailors to relieve the boredom of their postings. These first happy hours were all about entertainment, from dancing to boxing matches to movies.

When the Prohibition era came around with the 18th amendment in 1920 after World War 1, happy hour began to have drinking tied to its definition. For those who wanted to enjoy alcoholic drinks between work and home, time spent at a speakeasy or a private residence became the watering hole for happy hour.

For many, 5 o'clock happy hour is considered the cornerstone of American working life. What we know today as happy hour is a time for drinks and social activities right after work. So, if you're considering going to a bar after work, you'll be headed to happy hour.

Luckily for the valley, Spinato's Pizzeria has Happy Hour, Monday-Friday, from opening to 6 pm!

 Our Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour provides the perfect opportunity to unwind with friends and co-workers over discount pints and half-priced nachos.

For drinks:


If you want to drink for a purpose, the One Hope Chardonnay or Cabernet proceeds benefit Arizona food banks.


    For Food: 

    Start with the caesar salad and your choice of either a sandwich, personal pizza, or pasta dish from the Happy Hour menu.

    For That Sweet Tooth:

    Our mini cannoli is the best way to end a happy hour with friends or coworkers.

    Why We've Got the Best Happy Hour In & Around Phoenix

    How does Spinato's Pizzeria keep guests in good cheer for happy hour? For the Spinato family, it starts with a delicious offering of the valley's best Italian food that goes beyond pizza and the best cocktail, wine, and draft beers. The key to Spinato's success is a dedicated focus on providing "The Spinato's Experience" with a menu of menu items packed with artisan ingredients carefully selected for our guest's enjoyment throughout happy hour.

    Join Us for Happy Hour at Any of Our Locations! 

    Coming to Spinato's for Happy Hour is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of delightful Italian cuisine and an inviting atmosphere of great value. Spinto's happy hour is known for quality Italian dishes, including handcrafted pizzas, appetizers, and a selection of beverages featured at discounted prices during Happy Hour.

    It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy their gourmet flavors in a more casual setting, whether you're winding down after work or starting an evening out. Spinato's welcoming ambiance and attention to quality make it an ideal spot for gathering with friends or colleagues to enjoy exceptional food and drinks at a fraction of the cost.