Ken Spinato


Ken and Elaine Spinato opened their first pizzeria after moving from Chicago to Phoenix with their infant daughter Nicole in 1974. Within a year, their son Anthony was born. Over the next 40 years, Spinato's grew through word-of-mouth thanks to our authentic Italian flavors and family atmosphere. Every guest was (and still is) treated like a member of the family, focusing on the guest to provide the food and the ambiance that inspired a family legacy.

Ken Spinato

Recipe with Roots

Since 1974, our family has been Growing Good together by cooking together, challenging each other's dishes, and constantly experimenting and innovating. We don't just pass down the last generation's secrets; each generation improves upon them in our Family Kitchen. We love sharing our family favorites and invite you to do the same. With you in mind, our family has been working with recipes to create something that everyone at the table can enjoy. Come join the new generation of Spinato's pizza makers in our mission of providing exceptional food and service for our community to build memories! We can't wait to connect with you!


Our Scratch Kitchen!

This is our Spinato's Family Kitchen, or better known as our scratch kitchen. It's where it ALL happens...sauce, dough, desserts. We make it here and then we deliver it to all 5 locations. This helps to insure the same great taste and quality at all our locations.

Spinato's Retail

Pizzas and Sauces delivered to your door.

We also produce our full line of Spinato's Retail products in our Family Kitchen. You can find many of these items on the shelves of your local grocery store or available on our website or Amazon for purchase. You deserve better pizza. Trust us, you've never had it this good. Thanks to our innovative broccoli crust, each Spinato's Frozen Pizza is naturally gluten-free and absolutely delicious. True to our Retail mission of "growing good," each Spinato's frozen pizza is packed with wholesome nutrition — and even more protein than cauliflower crust brands.

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