Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co: A Sustainable Brewery

Our family loves to support local businesses. Being a family owned and operated business that has been in the valley for 49 years, our guests that support local are the reason why we've been here so long! Our family and the Spinato's team believe in the importance in spreading the love to other great local businesses.

 Arizona has been killing it with local breweries, distilleries and vineyards over the last decade, with Merkin Vineyards, Arizona Stronghold, Arizona Distilling Co., and let's not forget Four Peaks, which I believe paved the way for brewers and vintners alike.  

Our family was excited when we were asked to bring on Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. as our newest draft addition. Talk about a company that is paving the way for breweries to start thinking more about sustainability, this company is dedicated to saving water, something precious to this desert climate. 

How Arizona Wilderness Helps Sustainability

Arizona Wilderness saves water by using barley from Sinagua Malt that is based in Arizona's Verde Valley. Sinagua works with local farmers by shifting traditional summer crops like corn and alfalfa to barley. By switching the crop, it lowers the amount of water used. In fact, every pint of beer, 'This Beer Saves Water Pale Ale' helps offset more than 50 gallons of water for Arizona waterways. 

With a profile that leans more towards malty, light in body, and tastes of breadiness, menthol, pineapple and coconut it makes for an extremely crushable beer. Anthony suggests our Chicken Pesto Sandwich or our Chicken Pesto Presto Pizza with this beer. If you are more of a salad lover, the Caesar would be a good pairing with this beer as well! Come find a Spinato's Location today!

~Jaime Spinato

Drink Like You Care: Arizona Wilderness Video