Celebrate National Dairy Month at Spinato's Pizza

What do you call a giant monster made of cheese?

Gorgonzilla! 😂

National Dairy Month: All About Cheese!

All cheesy jokes aside, today we are talking about my favorite food, CHEESE! It's National Dairy Month, and that brings us to a staple item in every pizza. Anyone else eat cheese with every meal, or even just by itself? I know it's not just me so I feel confidant about opening up to you about my infatuation with cheese.

Now, what exactly are we talking about today? The reasons why Spinatos Fine Foods & Pizzeria is proud to work with Leprino Foods...

National Dairy Month at Spinato's Pizzeria

Spinato's is specific in choosing the vendors that they work with. We have high expectations for the ingredients that go into our products, so we spend the time to research the product, and even go visit the facilities to see where these items are made.

 Have you ever heard of Leprino Foods? Probably unlikely, but there is no doubt you have had their product. Leprino Foods is the number one distributor of quality cheese for pizza kitchens across the world. BUT, what they are doing in the agriculture industry to make changes to combat their global footprint is everything!

About Leprino Foods

Their journey began in Denver, Colorado in 1950 when Mike Leprino, Sr. started making mozzarella cheese for his family's corner grocery store. Today, Leprino Foods Company is a global dairy leader. In fact, they're the world's largest mozzarella cheese maker.

Despite Leprino's growth and success, they are a family-owned company and they remain committed to the same core values and entrepreneurial spirit that earned them their reputation as a dairy industry pioneer and trusted partner. Company values we can get behind!

Why Else Did We Choose to Work With Leprino? 

Because they are a true partner with similar values. They have gone above and beyond over the years to earn a quality reputation. They continue that commitment through innovation and social awareness. From the farm to the table, they maintain a sharp focus on the production of mozzarella cheese and dairy products. Quite simply, their success is tied to their customers' success. Huh, this sounds familiar, it is exactly how Spinato's views their company.

And what about global responsibility? Leprino Foods recognizes that they are all part of the bigger picture. Their strategy for global responsibility is built on their core value of "ethics" and reflects a long-held belief in doing things the right way. Come learn about it with Spintao's!

What are some of their goals? Well a huge one is striving to be carbon neutral by 2050! Crazy, right? This is a massive undertaking in the agriculture industry. But by being socially aware of their footprint, they realized that they can help set the bar for change in agriculture. Their Climate Action Trail Map to 2050 includes shorter term targets based on science and water stewardship goals. Reducing their impact is driving their journey and they intend to achieve their target.

Their Greeley plant is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cheese and dairy ingredient manufacturing facilities in the world. We attached a video at the end of this blog to learn more about their efforts. They are using this facility as the milestone marker for all of their other current and future facilities.

That is all just the beginning. They are serious about their ethics and efforts. Their guidelines? Striving to do the right thing all the time. They take personal responsibility to do their very best in all areas of their company because promises made are promises kept. Learn more about their Environmental Responsibility and the Leprino Nutrition Difference.

Leprino Foods employs over 4,000 people worldwide. Their locations include their Denver-based corporate office, nine U.S. manufacturing facilities, two global joint ventures and sales offices in Asia. They operate nine full-scale manufacturing facilities in the United States. They've grown their presence in the Asia Pacific region with a commercial office in Singapore and representation in Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul. Their Tapejara facility is home to our newest joint venture with Brazilian mozzarella leader Pic-Nic. Located throughout the U.K., their European manufacturing facilities are a joint venture with Glanbia.

So next time you eat a pizza, you can feel good about the fact that your mozzarella is coming from a smart and innovative family owned company with solid values. We know we do!

Thanks Leprino Foods. Now back to the cheesy jokes....

What do you call Gorgonzilla's brother?

Mozzarila! 😂