Facts About Pizza

Pizza is America's favorite food, and here at Spinato's, we can't help but agree it is unequivocally the best. Some say pizza outranks favorites like steak and hamburgers because of its savory, sweet, and rich nature. We think the delicious pizzas strike the perfect balance of flavors to delight the tastebuds.

Pizza's popularity raises our interest in facts about its past and how it's enjoyed in the present. Since you can't help but think about your favorite meal, satisfy your curiosity by learning some fun facts about pizza.

Where Does Pizza Come From?

Since it's hailed as the most popular type of Italian food, you may be familiar with the idea that pizza comes from Italy. However, most people need to recognize its original source. While Raffaele Esposito was credited with inventing pizza around the end of the 19th century after delighting Queen Margherita with the perfect slice, flatbreads consumed by working-class citizens throughout the Mediterranean region were very similar.

Where did pizza come from in the US? The first pizzeria opened in America in 1905 in New York.

What's the Most Popular Pizza Topping?

Whether you're a pepperoni lover or not, it may come as little surprise that pepperoni is America's favorite pizza topping, excluding the traditional mozzarella cheese, of course! A pizza fact is that nearly four out of five Americans believe pizza is better with pepperoni. Extra cheese, sausage, and mushrooms are among the highest-rated toppings, while anchovies ranked last on the list. Although meats rank high on the pizza topping favorites list, many customers are partial to our Veg Out pizza.

World's Largest Pizza

If you have yet to see the world's largest pizza, get ready to expand your imagination. We make a lot of pizza here at Spinato's, and our largest pie is currently a filling 16 inches. The world's largest pizza is a gargantuan 13,990 square feet! To make it, cooks used 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, over 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, and around 630,496 pepperoni slices. Since there obviously isn't an oven available to cook such a pizza, the pizza was fully assembled, topped, and then baked in pieces. This record-breaking pizza was well-spent, as it was divided up and donated to charities around Los Angeles.

Is Pizza a Breakfast Food?

It generally depends on who you ask, but 36% of Americans think pizza is a breakfast food. Leftovers from the night before can make a pretty convenient breakfast. Interestingly enough, the number would be higher if pizza was more readily available for breakfast. In fact, many parents who come by a Spinato's location have said they'd eat breakfast more often if they could get it in pizza form, and more than half of adults wish pizza was considered a more traditional breakfast food.

Spinato's Pizza, a Part of History

At Spinato's, we're in complete agreement with everyone who loves pizza. Our family has crafted rich Italian tastes with artisan ingredients for over 40 years. We don't just pass down recipes. Each generation improves them in our family kitchen. We're continually crafting recipes that hail back to authentic Italian originals and creating new Arizona favorites to provide something everyone at the table can enjoy.

Whether your favorite is loaded with veggies or meats or you like a simple pie with plenty of cheese, we understand your craving for pizza. With six popular locations, we've extended our reach to bring top favorites and new finds to guests in neighborhoods surrounding the Phoenix area. Come in and taste the new generation of Spinato's pizzas today.

Image credit: GSDesign, Shutterstock