Introducing NEW Keto & Vegan Items

Here at Spinato's, we're excited to inform you about new additions to our menu. In an effort to share our delicious recipes with everyone, we're introducing new keto and vegan food options to our mouthwatering menu of hand-crafted pizzas. These new menu items will be available at all of our locations and for online orders.

We've been serving our loyal diners in Arizona for nearly fifty years, and it's our goal to treat every guest like a member of the family. We've always paid careful attention to food allergies and unique dietary concerns when preparing meals to be served in our restaurants or delivered to your homes. With each generation in our family kitchen, we strive to improve upon treasured recipes to provide the very best for hungry guests. By adding vegan pizzas and keto crusts to our menu, we're able to offer our delicious pizzas to guests seeking healthier options.

For all of Our Customers who Follow a Plant-Based Diet and Keto Diet

Many diners choose to follow a plant-based diet or a keto diet for health or personal reasons. These diets may restrict some of the ingredients typically found in pizza, like dairy cheese, animal fats, or carbohydrates. Our newest menu options will allow us to provide mouthwatering pizzas to guests following these specific diets.

You may be wondering if our vegan and keto pizzas will measure up to the rest of our famously tempting pizzas. The answer is a resounding yes! We've partnered with companies dedicated to the craft of providing their customers with delicious plant-based and carb-free options to fit their lifestyles. The results are astounding. Here's a glimpse into the new products that help make our vegan pizzas great.

Vegan Mozzarella Cheese from Our Friends at Miyoko's

Many vegan pizzas get a bad rep because of non-melty cheese. Miyoko's Creamery solves the problem with pourable plant milk mozzarella that melts with a consistency remarkably similar to dairy cheese. Crafted from organic cultured cashew milk, it gives you a cheesy layer that bubbles, browns, and tastes delicious. This delectable pizza topping isn't just vegan; it's also dairy, lactose, and soy free.

Keto Crust from Zero Carb Lyfe

Some diners follow a keto diet as a personal choice. Others need to cut down on carbs to improve their health. Finding a delicious keto pizza can be challenging. Luckily, our partnership with Zerocarb Lyfe provides the perfect answer. The ZeroCarb Pizza Crust is a delicious low-carb, high-protein crust made from only four simple ingredients: Chicken, olive oil, salt, and spices. Zero-carb pizza crusts are a great option for keto dieters, diabetics, and those with celiac disease. Since the primary ingredient is chicken breast, you can decrease carbs and get more protein. Our new keto crust will be available in our restaurant and online at all of our locations.

Spinato's Has Options for Your Lifestyle

Pizza is universally delicious and should be available for everyone. Our new keto and vegan pizza is designed to fit into the lifestyles of our guests who can't eat our traditional pizzas. If you've been longing for a taste of Spinato's delectable hand-crafted pizza but our classic ingredients don't fit into your diet, we're ready to cure your craving. Discover the latest additions at Spinato's Pizzeria and Family Kitchen: NEW keto and vegan pizza like you've never had before! Savor our deliciously healthy menu alongside your long-time favorites or alone to meet your dietary needs. New menu options are available in all of our six valley locations and online orders.