Join the Kindness Challenge for National Kindness Month in Partnership with St. Vincent De Paul

We are excited to celebrate National Kindness Month during September. At Spinato's, Kindness and Community are at the very heart of our existence, the framework of our Core Values, and the very reason that we will be celebrating 50 years in the valley. We know that without a doubt, if it wasn't for our community of guests and our community of team members, we would not have sustained 50 years in the valley. 

With that being said, I had the privilege to tour the St. Vincent De Paul (SVDP) facility in the Spring of 2023. If you haven't been, it is a must; with a beautiful dining room for guests, to the expansive garden that helps to feed the community, shelter, supplies, doctor and dental programs, and the happy employees that dedicate their lives to helping others, it is a sight to be seen. After meeting with the SVDP team we knew that we wanted to partner with them for National Kindness Month and the birth of our Kindness Challenge began.

The Kindness Challenge is really a commissioning to our community of guests to help those in need, and with the help of a gracious donor and the volunteers at SVDP the Kindness Challenge Bags were created. These bags will be available at each Spinato's location for the month of September and for a small donation of $5 can be distributed by our guests to those in need. The money that is raised will be donated in FULL to St. Vincent De Paul.

What's in these bags you ask? Well, it is supplies for those in need. The bags include socks, hygiene kits, water, and snacks. With the rise in homelessness and an estimated 13,553 people in Arizona who are experiencing homelessness we felt that this would be a way to let those in need know that we care. 

At the end of the month Spinato's will have the opportunity to have a pizza party at SVDP and will have the honor to serve the guests at the SVDP facility. We would like to thank Affinity Sales, Greco, Pepsi, as well as the help from our Spinato's Family Kitchen to make this event a success through generous donations and time spent making dough and sauce. If you are interested in participating in the Kindness Challenge, please visit any one of our locations for the month of September to purchase a Kindness Bag to distribute to our local friends in need. 

We are grateful for your support!

~Jaime Spinato