Spinato's Charitable Pillars

 As we wrap up the year, we are grateful for the opportunities to serve our community. It has been an exciting year of volunteering and new relationships. Arizona has an amazing community of people that have a heart for those hurting and those who have found themselves in circumstances that were unimaginable. Our family and the entire Spinato's team is grateful to the partnerships that were formed over the past year and are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Moving into 2024 and celebrating our 50th anniversary, we have some exciting events planned, and community outreach at the top of our mind. How do we want to serve our community? How do we impact our community? What legacy do we want to leave for the leaders within our organization? How do we want our children to remember us? These are all questions that our family has discussed when planning 2024 and is a big reason on why our Community Outreach Pillars have been developed. 

Veterans, children and service animals will continue to be the things that our family holds near to our hearts and will be the motivation to move forward with our service in the New Year. We do not want to be remembered through monetary donations, raffle donations, or the glamorous dinners that support our community. Although there is nothing wrong with that and we will continue to support these things, we want to be remembered for the interactions and the relationships that have been made. We want to be face to face with our community, loving them right where they are at. John Maxwell says it best, "You add value to people when you value them." We want to be an organization that not only values our team members but values our community. 

~Jaime Spinato