The Wizarding World Of Za: Truffle Puff Pizza

Welcome to the Wizarding World of Za! 🪄🧙‍♂️

This year marks 50 years of Spinato's celebrating family, flavor, and the LOVE of pizza! For the last couple of years we have partnered with the @Wizard_Of_Za to creat a magical beer and pizza pairing with a local brewery. For our 50th Anniversary we decided to go big!

For this celebratory year The Spinato family members will be sorted into houses reflecting their unique personalities and legacies. Inspired by these houses, they're creating pizzas that tell their stories. The Wizard Of Za is then bringing the magic of brew to the pairing and connecting and pairing each pizza with a local brewery, for a magical taste experience. 

To kick off this year, we begin with Nicole Spinato. Nicole Spinato has found herself in the Wizarding World of Za and is going on a grand adventure with the most notorious and wise wizard of all, the @wizard_of_za! Her first step in this journey is to be placed into a house,  and of course, she has been sorted into the house of Truffle Puff! 🍄 🏡As she is a wizard in the kitchen, she whipped up the most magical pizza - The Tuffle Puff Pizza! Inspired by her love of savory flavors, this pizza has a white pesto base and is topped with mozzarella, handmade lemon ricotta, mushrooms, yellow cherry tomatoes, garlic, cracked black pepper, and truffle oil! Of course, we had to brew the perfect potion to pair with this pizza! 💫 Nicole and the Wizard of Za teamed up with the masterminds at @SimpleMachineBrewing to create Puff the Magic Wizard. This lemony white IPA is refreshing and enhances the flavors of the lemon in the pizza while balancing those bold flavors!You can find Nicole's pairing from May - June.

Join us on this culinary adventure as we celebrate 50 years of magic with incredible people, specialty pizzas and fantastic brews. Next up, Anthony Spinato & @12WestBrewing.

Cheers to family, flavor, and the magic that unites us! 🍕🍺