What Is a Keto Pizza?

There's no food quite like pizza. However, for some, dietary restrictions remove the option from the menu. If you're one of the many people who eat little to no carbohydrates, you know the challenges that come with finding a pizza that fits your expectations. Keto pizzas are made with different ingredients to produce pizza that eliminates most or all of the carbs from the dish. The best keto pizzas rival their original counterparts in flavor and please even the pickiest palates. That's why Spinato's would like to introduce you to our new keto options available for our customers today!

What is Keto?

"Keto" refers to a ketogenic diet that involves consuming a very low amount of carbohydrates. You still get plenty to eat since carbs are replaced with fat. People turn to keto diets for various reasons. Some individuals need to follow a special diet due to health conditions or shed pounds quickly, while others are intolerant to certain ingredients found in grains.

How Can a Pizza Become Keto?

A typical keto diet reduces total carb intake to less than 50 grams a day. A slice of thin-crust pizza, without any cheese or toppings, has 17 grams of carbs per slice, and a regular crust pizza averages 30 grams per slice. Ask our customers, and they'll agree that any of Spinato's pizzas shouldn't be limited to a single serving, though! That's why our pizza chefs have begun thinking outside the box, using different ingredients so that everyone can enjoy Phoenix's favorite pizza.

We've developed cauliflower crusts and even chicken crusts to fit into a keto diet plan. Our customers love being able to still have their favorite Spinato signature pizza while still adhering to a keto lifestyle. 

ZERO CarbLyfe Keto Crust Option at Spinato's

We're proud to say we've expanded our menu to include options for diners with dietary restrictions. To produce vegan and keto pizzas that taste as delicious as our famously tempting pizzas, we've partnered with companies dedicated to providing their customers with delicious plant-based and carb-free options. To make our keto pizza, we partnered with Zerocarb Lyfe to start with a zero-carb, high-protein crust. The ZeroCarb Pizza crust is made from only four ingredients, which include chicken, olive oil, salt, and spices. This allows diners to replace carbs with protein. This crust is also gluten-free, non GMO, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, dairy-free, sugar-free and weighs in at 37 grams of protein!

Our keto pizza is available at all of our locations. Many of our pizzas can be modified to substitute keto crust for the original. However, we suggest avoiding spinach as an ingredient because it is heavy in water and dressed in oil. Spinato's is also proud to offer new gluten-free options as well. These are a few of our most popular pizzas that are offered with a gluten-free modification:

  • Da' Greek Pizza (It's also vegetarian!)
  • Get Meaty Pizza (for all the extra protein you need)
  • Veg Out Pizza (vegetarian) 
  • Super Six Pizza 

See What Keto Pizza is Like with Spinato's 

Pizza is America's favorite food and should be available for all diners. Our keto pizzas fit into the lifestyles of guests with dietary restrictions and are as delicious as our traditional pizzas. If you haven't had the joy of tasting our amazing hand-crafted pizzas due to dietary restrictions, it's time to satisfy your curiosity. Keto pizzas are available at all of our locations and available for catering and delivery options. Visit a Spinatos location near you today to try our keto pizzas.