Your Guide to Different Styles of Pizza

For some pizza lovers, a pie consists of their favorite toppings, and that's all they need to know. There are many different styles of pizza, however. When you limit yourself to just one or two types, you are missing out on an expansive cultural experience.

Let's break down the most famous types of pizza pie to discover what makes each one unique. For your convenience, Spinato's Pizzeria & Family Kitchen has six locations to serve you in Arizona.

Types of Pizza

Originating in Italy, pizza is loved around the world and can be found all over the U.S. Traditional pizza pie has evolved in America based on regional tastes.

Neapolitan Pizza

Peasants in Naples, Italy, created pizza in the 18th century when they began to top their flatbread with tomatoes from the New World and easily accessible ingredients. Neapolitan-style pizza has a soft, thin crust that bubbles up and chars when baked in a wood-burning oven. 

Chicago-Style Pizza

There are two types of Chicago-style pizza, deep-dish and Chicago Tavern Style. Deep dish is defined by a thick crust with raised edges piled high with mozzarella, meats, cheeses, and tomatoes and baked a little longer to cook it all the way through. 

At Spinato's we serve tavern-style, which is a thin crust with sweet sauce, cut into squares.

Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza is a square pizza with a fluffy, spongy base. It is typically made with mozzarella cheese layered beneath the sauce to keep the dough from getting soggy. Additional ingredients might include sautéed onions, anchovies, tomatoes, sausage, oregano, and spices.

New York-Style Pizza

New York-style pizza has a crisp crust and large, foldable pieces. Able to handle a large number of toppings, it is traditionally made with just tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Greek Pizza

Greek pizza has a thick, chewy crust and incorporates tomato sauce with oregano. It may feature more traditional Greek ingredients such as black olives, feta cheese, and red onions.

Vegetarian Pizza 

For those who don't like meat or fish, a vegetarian pizza is a great option. Topping ideas are unlimited.

Which one is the best? 

Because each style of pizza is made differently, it is impossible to say which type is the best. Those who like traditional pizza pie might go for the Neapolitan or Sicilian styles of pizza, while American pizza eaters of today may prefer a thick Chicago-style or vegetarian pizza.

No matter which pizza style you go for, fresh toppings make all the difference.

Our Pizza

The pizza at Spinato's is more than just a quick bite to eat; each creation is a family affair. Our most popular pizzas are a result of 50 years of using only the freshest ingredients to indulge our guests.

Barrel Boy Pizza

Made by the Barrel Boy of 102.5 KNIX, the Barrel Boy Pizza is topped with ricotta cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, mozzarella, and our signature sauce.

Mamma's Signature Pizza

Fresh spinach, Roma tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, and our secret spice blend make Mamma's Signature Pizza the one you'll return to again and again.


Our L'Italiana Pizza is made with fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, feta, and our secret spice blend.

The Chicago

Inspired by the Spinato family's time in Chicago, the Chicago Pizza combines Italian sausage, red and green bell peppers, red onions, and mozzarella atop a delicious crust. 

Margherita Pizza

The beloved classic Margherita Pizza is done right at Spinato's. Ours is made with fresh Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, pecorino Romano, and olive oil.

Courtside Classic

Built with local mascots, the Phoenix Sun's Gorilla and the Phoenix Mercury's Scorch in mind, the Courtside Classic Pizza is topped with hot soppressata, pickled jalapeños, and our secret spice blend.

Find Your Favorite Pizza at Spinato's

All pizzas at Spinato's are hand-made daily from passed-down family recipes using only the freshest ingredients. While choosing the best may be impossible, our guests certainly have their favorites. In honor of our partnership with local sports teams, diehard fans will want to try our Courtside Classic pizza, while traditionalists might fall in love with the Margherita pizza.

Contact us today to learn about our pizza.

Image Credit: Zamurovic Brothers / Shutterstock